Let’s Get Ready For A New Year!

Hey everyone! As the start of the new school year gets closer I’m busy making all kinds of preparations for YouthTALK. Starting with overhauling our website and recruiting some new members. So be sure to check back often to see what we’re up to. And if you want to join the team, please fill out an application form right here!

Hope to see you soon,


Youth Conference

Youth Talk 2015 Poster

YouthTALK with the help of WAYVE and GLOWW, is hosting a one day conference about suicide, mental health and bullying for youth that was planned and organized by youth.

This is an excellent opportunity for students to engage in meaningful dialogue and learn more about the topics of suicide, mental health and bullying and is open to students in Kitchener, Waterloo, Wellington, and Dufferin Counties!

Welcome to YouthTALK!

Hello and welcome!

YouthTALK is a youth driven program that raises awareness around suicide and mental health amongst youth. We operate through in-school teams in the Wellington-Dufferin area and regional team that welcomes youth from all over Wellington-Dufferin and Kitchener-Waterloo. The program aims to promote awareness of significant issues affecting youth today, including mental health, suicide and youth violence.  Youth are encouraged to plan and implement creative projects that will raise awareness, educate their peers and break down the stigma at their school.  Projects have included such activities as creating websites, murals, hosting information booths, assemblies, and dramas.  Students benefit from the opportunity to learn and educate their peers about mental health issues, gain leadership and teamwork skills, and impact their community in a meaningful way. This is a group run by youth, for youth.

Youth join YouthTALK to learn more about mental health and suicide awareness, to learn new skills to keep themselves and their friends healthy and safe when facing mental health struggles, and to lend their voice, and their views to their school and how mental health organizations offer supportive services to youth.