Week 5 – Emotional Self-Care

How are you feeling? Fine? Okay, but how are you really feeling? Many of us use the word fine, when we really don’t mean it. It is time we be honest with others and ourselves about what we may be experiencing, and do this on a regular basis.

Emotional self-care involves caring for your emotional needs by identifying what it is you are feeling, and then moving forward in a way that respects yourself and those emotions. When we are not talking and dealing with our true emotions, we might end up feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, anxious, or more. It is important to have healthy coping skills to deal with uncomfortable emotions. Your mental health includes ALL types of feelings and emotions, not just the happy, positive ones.

So don’t hide your true feelings-acknowledge them, and then use some great strategies to maintain your emotional self-care. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Have a good talk with a friend or family member
  • Journal
  • Practice mindfulness
  • Don’t schedule in too many things in one day
  • Learn to say NO!
  • Meditate
  • Express your feelings with art
  • Give yourself positive affirmations
  • Experience ANY feelings without judgement or guilt!


How are you taking care of your emotional well-being? Tell us about it here!

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