Week 6 – All In

We’re at the end of our six week challenge and we hope that you’ve learned a few things about self-care. Self-care can look different to different people and can be different for us based on what we need on any given day. No matter what, it’s important to take care of ourselves in all kinds of different ways in order to help reduce stress, feel energized, and create fulfilling lives. Whether that’s brushing your teeth, following positive influences online, or making time to connect with someone, self-care isn’t selfish, it’s an important and necessary component of our well-being.

Here is your challenge for week six. Revisit each of our previous themes and find a way to engage in one self-care technique each day (one theme per day). Then think about which kind of self-care was the most challenging for you or is a kind of self-care that you typically neglect. Then do that one a second time.

If you need help thinking of things to do, go back and look at all the examples from the past several weeks.

  • Physical
  • Social
  • Creative
  • Intellectual
  • Emotional
  • ?


When you’re done tell us about it here!

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